Thanks for Choosing Freeware FLV Player - First Time Running Instructions
  • Key Features of Free FLV Player

    • 1. Support FLV encoded with H.264, On2 VP6, Nellymoser, or Sorenson Spark H.263, also play MP4, M4V format file.

    • 2. Play FLV videos from video website by entering the URL where the FLV video is located.

    • 3. Skin the FLV player with different player skins.

    • 4. Thumbnail picture capturing and screen saving in no time.

    • 5. Hand playlist & Favorites management.

    • 6. Displays the playing FLV information.

    • A couple of things you must pay attention to:
      1. To make sure you get informed with news and events from Moyea software, including but not limited to upgrade, discount, giveaway or free resources etc, it is highly recommended to add and to your contact list.

      2. If you have any problem or suggestion about Moyea FLV Player, please contact us through email or phone call.
      Phone Call: 86-512-57017982

  • Moyea Flash Video MX Pro :

    Convert both video and DVD to flash and publish with unique player.

    Moyea Flash Video MX Pro is professional video to flash program. It can convert SD videos and HD videos as well as DVD to flash. Players of various styles are available for you to choose and match your video or website.
    Click to choose a player and dress up your video and website!

    • Moyea PlayerBox 2.0 (Free) : Create Unique Player and Present yourself differently.

      Moyea PlayerBox is application to create FLV player that can be embedded into html page and play FLV videos online. You can design a unique web FLV player to match your video (s) or website.