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Moyea Flash Video Software Affiliate Program
Want to make money as a reseller or an affiliate of Moyea Video to flash software? Our affiliate program offers opportunity for you and for ourselves! All our Flash Video MX products are available upon your advertisement, promotion, and sale, with the commission rate up to 30% on each sale! You can earn $100 per sale at most. Join us as reseller or affliate right now to resell video to flash software!
Follow the steps below to be an affiliate:

Step 1.

Offer Regnow (click to register) which is the premier registration commerce provider in software industry. Fill up the online sign-up form to get an affiliate ID via email.

Step 2.

Get custom build of our products and start to earn cash. Get your links set up, and spread your links. The more people you expose your links to, the more money you are going to make.

Product Regnow ID Commission PAD File Download

Flash Video MX Pro 6

13973-72 30% / $29.99 .xml download Flash Video MX Pro 5

Flash Video MX Std 6

13973-73 30% / $17.99 .xml download Flash Video MX Std 5

DVD to Flash Converter 6

13973-74 30% / $17.99 .xml download DVD to Flash Converter 5

Flash Video MX SDK V2

13973-39 10% / $100 .xml download Flash Video MX SDK V2

Ways to promote:

1. Offer the RegNow download link or host the trial file you download from RegNow, or even host the renamed trial version from the Download button above with your affiliate ID. To rename trial file, just add “_rXXXXX” after the “setup”, and replace XXXXX with your affiliate ID.

2. Offer sales link with your affiliate ID.