Create Flash Video (FLV) for eBay Auction to Distinguish Your Goods?

Create Flash Video (FLV) for eBay Auction to Distinguish Your Goods

Shopping online has become a tendency for its convenient and fast service. This also makes businessmen get more opportunities to display their commodities by auction around the world. The content, graphic description and picture online are not enough to show the goods for sale on eBay or other web sites. Flash Video (FLV) has been the attracting and distinguishing method for auction on line.

Convert video to Flash 8 alpha video
Convert video to Flash 8  alpha video

Flash Video MX Pro

  • Video conversion to FLV & SWF
  • DVD conversion to FLV & SWF
  • Flash 8 video encoding
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What are the advantages for video auction on eBay or Yahoo? Video auction will make the products or goods more intuitive and comprehensive to learn about. It can show why people want it and demonstrate how to use it step by step. This will add to the reliability for purchaser greatly and promote the success of trade.

Flash video (FLV) and flash (SWF) are the suitable formats, which make the video-sharing possible around the worldwide. Before showing on eBay, first we must get flash video (FLV) or flash (SWF). How to create flash video (FLV) or flash (SWF) for the auctioneers to display on eBay? Choosing an appropriate tool is the key point.

Moyea Flash Video MX Pro is a good choice. It not only converts videos into FLV and SWF but edits the generated files. This following tutorial will tell you the simple conversion process and the useful editing function.

1. Import the auction video into the program.

input mpg video

Here you can add the watermark as the logo of the auction video. It is allowed to select when to start, end and where to turn up for the logo. In CuePoint tab, the subtitle is easily to be added. Audio, video and subtitle, these three factors, will make the better annotation for your auction on eBay.

Click next to continue.

2. Specify the output path and the output type.

specify the output

In Export part, by default, it will generate FLV, SWF, and a HTML file. You can pick one that you need. In Misc part, you can add a prelude video before or after the auction video to rich the auction content and replace the audio of the source file. Some other video/audio settings are allowed to set such as frame rate, bit rate, and sample rate.

Click to the next.

3. Configure some settings for the player.

choose player

The program provides the various special effects and interactive controls like player skin and preloader.  In “Profile”, you can configure more player settings and add a link via Navigation on click and Navigation at end. Continue to next.

4. Check the configured settings.

View the settings that you have configured. You can click back to make the modification if you want.


5. Click Start button to begin the conversion.

Start conversion then the output folder will auto pop up when it is finished. Here you can enjoy your auction video as FLV or flash (SWF) for the promotion on eBay.