Embed FLV video to web page without HTML coding knowledge

If you are using Flash Video MX series, but not Flash Video MX Pro 6, you will need another program named Moyea PlayerBox to help you publish videos without handling the HTML code yourself. Moyea PlayerBox includes the Moyea Publishing Wizard for you to choose player skin, add video for the player and export them to the same folder for you. Let's start the easy journey with Moyea PlayerBox.


Step 1. Download and install Moyea PlayerBox.


Step 2. Make sure your videos are in FLV format.
If your videos are in non-FLV format, get Flash Video MX series to work for you.


Step 3. Run Moyea Publishing Wizard and select player skin.

There are template player skins with playlist on the publishing wizard. If you want to use the playlist to show videos with image thumbnail for selection on player, just choose the style you like. You can also click More and browse the player skin under the installation folder of Flash Video MX series for the player without playlist single video.

Step 4. Import video

We select the template skin and click the Next button. Now we can import videos to the player.

Click Add Video button to load videos. When videos are loaded, you can change the caption for the text to display under the thumbnail to name the video.
Click the Next button when you are satisfied with the settings.


Step 5. Export files
Click the Publish button to export files.


Step 6. Choose operation
Within a few seconds, your files will be rearranged. You can choose to play videos with the output player, open output folder, or others. The files are ready for your to upload to your site and blog.


Moyea PlayerBox is free for you to publish video on personal site for non-commercial usage. If you want to use the output files for commercial usage, upgrade your Flash Video MX Series to Flash Video MX Pro 6, which is integrated with Moyea PlayerBox.