Make player skin template to play single flash video

While the player skin templates you get from the skins resource page or the Christmas activity page include the playlist component for displaying multiple videos on a single player, you may wonder how to modify the player skin template to play one flash video only.


One simple approach is to only include one video item on the playlist file by editing the playlist file. The video may display as follow。

If it meets your need, just go to How to edit your playlist for information about modifying the playlist file. Or refer to the article about handling components via Moyea PlayerBox.


However, I would like to get the video to play like other players without playlist. Here is how it should look like without playlist.



Step 1. Run Moyea PlayerBox.
There is an integrate Moyea PlayerBox in Flash Video MX Pro 6. Flash Video MX Pro 6 users could run the program and choose Moyea PlayerBox. Otherwise, please download and install Moyea PlayerBox.


Step 2. Open template.
You will face the following interface when running Moyea PlayerBox. Click the Open button on the right to browse the player skin template.



Step 3. Find playlist component.
When the template is loaded, you will find the playlist component on the edit panel.



If you do not see it, you may have a look at the control viewtree on the bottom-right corner to make sure the playlist is on the edit panel.



You can also press Ctrl + F to find the playlist component if there is option named Playlist from the Type drop-down list.



Step 4. Delete playlist component.
Click on the playlist component and press the Delete key on keybord, or choose Delete from the right-click menu.
The playlist component is then deleted.

Step 5. Export player.
To export a player like the one you get from the pack, just choose Edit > Export Web FLV Player and save with the name you prefer. You can then use the HTML code to embed player and video on web page.
To export player with video, you can use the publishing wizard, which will offer the sample HTML code for you.