Resize web FLV player to fit your site

After getting a web FLV player from the skins page, or purchasing from our Christmas activity page, you may want to resize the layer according to the layout of your web page. Changing the width and height sometimes does not meet your need. Then, you can try to change the player size with Moyea PlayerBox.


For Flash Video MX Pro 6 users, there is an integrated Moyea PlayerBox for easier control. Otherwise, you can download an independent Moyea PlayerBox for changing the player size. Before changing the player size, unzip the downloaded pack file and you will get .mmpl, .swf, and related .jpg files.


Step 1. Run Moyea PlayerBox and you will the following interface.

You can open project file, create a new project file or load template from the built-in player templates. Here we shall choose to open project file by clicking the Open button in red circle on the image.


Step 2. Browse the player template file and load to the program.
After you click the open button by choosing the .mmpl file, the program will start loading related components of the player.

Step 3. Change player size.
When the template is loaded, you will find the Player properties in the lower part of the interface.



Enter the width and height you want the player to be and the player would be stretched. Most of the components will stay in the manner of the original player template.

Step 4. Modify component position. (optional)
When you want to change the position of a component, click on the component and keep pressing the mouse, move to the position you want and release the mouse. Instead of moving the mouse, you can also click the direction keys on keyboard to change the position.

Step 5. Export player.
If you want to connect video and player via publishing wizard, just click the Publish button in the toolbar and you can load video and get related thumbnail file and HTML file. Have look at the guide for publishing wizard if interested.
You can also export a player like the one you get from the zipped pack. Just choose Edit > Export Web FLV Player and save with the name you like.

You now get the player with the size in simple way.