Keep and Share the Memory to Web with Flash Video


Do you get your Dad a Digital Video Camera for the Father’s Day? It is great if you have a camcorder (DV camera) ready to memorize the moment you enjoy each other. It does not matter if you do not have a DV camera yet. You may get the photos with Dad. Whatever you prepare is to show your gratitude.

It is lucky for you, if you get a DV camera. You do not need to worry about the video quality with DV editing if you keep the data in a digital format. Your video work on the PC or the Web will be facilitated. The general video output of DV camera is DV-AVI. There are two recording formats for HD cameras, HDV and AVCHD. There are also DVD video cameras with MPEG-2 video. If you get MPEG video or DVD video, you can use video editing application or simple conversion tool to get the fast distributed Flash video. It is recommended that you try Moyea Flash Video MX Pro with the fast conversion, and personalized player. Just install the program mentioned above and import videos. Follow the simple steps and get the HTML code with FLV and SWF file for the web page you want to display the video. Upload the files and things are done.

Do you ever remember man-to-man talk? Do you think you will take a record of the man-to-man talk? It is frank, sincere, and based on respect. Flash Video MX Pro shows the respects of the users and provides the choice for you to customize the video, flash player with control bar.

Graduation is just not the complete mode of the life. We study in school to empower ourselves with knowledge to prepare for the future challenges. Flash Video MX Pro is developed for some years and it seems to graduate. However, it will also face challenges and our Flash team will strive to solve the problems. Bring your graduation video into Flash Video MX Pro and share with your classmates on your personal blog or web site.