Why Your Web Site Needs Videos


Adding video to a web site lends credibility which can greatly increase your conversions, and sales - not to mention your number of repeat visitors. Simply put, videos are popular. According to Nielson Online, in just one month (April of 2008) YouTube alone had 74 million unique visitors from across the globe who watched 4 billion video-streams. As it is known to all, YouTube adopts flv format to display the video, so the first step of adding videos to website is to encode video to flash.

If you've been straddling the fence about whether or not you should add video content,mainly flash video to your website or blog, I am going to convince you that now is the time to take the plunge.

People just love this medium. For a lot of Internet-surfers, it seems to be one step removed from watching tv, and much more appealing than reading through a long article.

Video is rapidly becoming a required feature for websites, and the tools available today make the process of adding video easy - in fact, depending on your method, you really don't need to know any of the technical details. It is far from being a complex process.

Here are the three most widely used means of adding a video to a site:

1. Using video scripts - There are several scripts available today that allow you to upload videos. Once uploaded, the scripts will either convert your videos to flash objects to be shown online, or they will act as mini-CMSs allowing the video to play on your site. These scripts come in all price ranges with some being quite affordable.

2. Using Youtube or other video sharing sites - Some people have reservations about using a middleman, but this method is probably the fastest and easiest to implement. First, you create a video and upload it to Youtube. Then, you take your video's object embedded code from Youtube and place it within the code on your site - simple as that.

3. Using video software - This method provides the most professional look for a websit, in addition to being the one offering the most flexibility and control.