How to make Flash movie from your MP4?

Have many MP4 file or other general video waiting for converting to Flash movie? Or in the process of searching for the Flash encoder online with confused feeling? If that so, Moyea Flash Video MX Pro will be your good choice.

It can easily convert MP4 to SWF/FLV, AVI to SWF/FLV, DVD to SWF/FLV, MOV to SWF/FLV, WMV to SWF/FLV, 3GP to SWF/FLV, MPEG to SWF/FLV, etc.

Convert video to Flash 8 alpha video
Convert video to Flash 8  alpha video

Flash Video MX Pro

  • Video conversion to FLV & SWF
  • DVD conversion to FLV & SWF
  • Flash 8 video encoding
  • Flash 8 Alpha video video encoding
  • Flash Player with brilliant skins
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Especially in the latest version 5.0, H.264 video codec, which can be said the most advanced video compression technology, was added on the previous base of Flash 8 with alpha video encoding for video overlay, Flash 8 video encoding for high quality and Sorenson H.263 video codec. Now, MX Pro with its newly polished UI and gorgeous Player skins turns out to our eyes. Its powerful functions like video trimming and cropping, watermarking, subtitle adding, picture snapshot, and Cue Points for different events and navigations add stunning values to your originals, before converting these videos to Flash (SWF) and Flash video (FLV).  After using it, you will understand why great effects can be got just by a couple of easy steps even children can do!

Here, we will show you how this be accomplished with the example of MP4 to Flash & SWF.

1) Run the program and import MP4 video.

Then, you will see the above interface. On this step, the program allows you to trim and crop your original video; add special effect, watermark and text; capture picture as the first frame of your video; set CuePoint for your video. All these elements will make your video special.

2) Click Next to enter the second interface.

Do you notice the area red marked below? Check the options “Generate Flash video (FLV)” and “Generate Flash (SWF)”, you will be able to convert MP4 to Flash and FLV.

3) Set you video with player skin, special effect and style of preloads.

In this step, you can set the profile of your video, choose your favorite player skin from the various choices, insert the special effect and distinguished preloads style.

4) Convert your MP4 to Flash or FLV.

In the last step, you can see all the settings in the below interface. After you check it, click the button “Start” to begin your conversion.

The generated files will pop up after the conversion finished. Just enjoy the stunning Flash movie you made by yourself.