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Shenzhen, P. R. China. – Jun.21, 2007: Moyea Software Co., Ltd. ( has officially announced Moyea Flash Video MX 4.1, an upgraded version of the popular video to Flash converter. Compared with the earlier versions, the current program has been greatly empowered with the functionality of editing the original video files to create better and customized Flash files, including the Adobe Flash movie (SWF) and the Flash video (FLV) for simpler and more convenient sharing online.

The highlights of the program are the brilliant quality in the conversion from videos to Flash files as well as the outstanding FLV Players with multi-functional control bars for the created Flash. With the advanced functions of editing Flash files, the professional users can control the video to Flash process freely by personalizing the appearance of the control bar with the WYSIWYG control bar editor, inserting SWF/FLV cue points to the end video and controlling the player at runtime by using the "player API".

For registered users, this program will enable you to embed the generated SWF file into an HTML page as an FLV player with your favorite control bars and other settings to color your web page. To realize this, a few clicks and a character string are enough.

Built on the previous versions, the present Moyea Flash Video MX offers brilliant and refreshing conversion solutions to convert the conventional video formats to SWF and FLV in the single mode and in the batch mode. The efficient programming algorithm will let you get the highly compressed file size with the original fabulous image quality. Within a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily convert AVI, MPEG, MPG, WMV, RM, RMVB, MOV, MP4, 3G2, 3GP to FLV and SWF. Conversion with Moyea Flash Video MX is extremely simple, and you have a full control over the video and audio settings. The conversion speed is quite fast; everything, however, depends on the size of the source file; and the end quality is flawless.

What can Moyea Flash Video MX Do for You?

* Create highly compressed instructions for online distribution. Instructors, particularly the newbie, will find this program most useful for this program will help them create highly compressed and easily distributable Flash video for their instruction materials in the conventional video formats, e.g. MP4. The Flash video (FLV), the most favorable and proprietary video format, is within your reach. The function to add movie beginning and movie end is specifically fine.

* Share your favorite video online with friends and family. With Moyea Flash Video MX, everyone, no matter how much you know about Flash and Internet, can easily generate an SWF file embedded with FLV and insert it into your homepage, blog, or other online platform to share with your family and friends.

* Prepare auction materials for online promotion. This video to Flash program is most valuable for online presentation, particularly for auctioneers and businessmen who have a booth on eBay, Google, etc, and want to upload vivid and engaging Flash video to showcase their products there. You can prepare the presentation with the preset control bars and insert movie beginning and end.

* Customizable FLV player for programmers and web designers. This program offers a variety of solutions for advanced users, in particular, programmers and web designers. Each of the SWF files in the "Control" folder of the Flash Video MX installation folder is an FLV player. Embedding the FLV player into an HTML page along with a character string can help you to encode the page according to your needs.

Please explore the website of Moyea Software at this website to find out more about the video-to-Flash program and download the free evaluation version to see the effects as possible.

Pricing and Availability Moyea Flash Video MX requires Windows XP, 2000, NT, Vista and is priced at $49.95 (US) for per-computer license. Registered customers are entitled to free and limitless minor updates and priority technical support. Discounts for volume buyers of over 5 or more are available. For more information of the product, as well as the free evaluation copy, please go to the product page of Moyea Software.
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