Generating Flash from Video of On2 VP6 with Enhanced Moyea Flash Video MX

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———————Moyea Releases Moyea Flash Video MX 4.2

Shenzhen, P. R. China. – Aug.8, 2007: Moyea Software Co., Ltd. ( has officially announced Moyea Flash Video MX 4.2. This is an upgraded version of the existing popular video to Flash converter and author. This upgrade is featured by the enhanced function of supporting Flash 8 codec for video encoding. From now on, Moyea Flash Video MX could process video and FLV by codecs of Sorenson H.263 and On2 VP6, offering solutions for advanced and professional users.

Flash Video MX is a fine Video to FLV Converter, which can quickly convert videos of different formats into high-quality Flash Video (FLV). Meanwhile, this Flash encoder is also a good Video to Flash SWF Converter. It can convert video to Flash by creating a Flash Video player (SWF file) for the generated FLV file. It also provides various playback skins with different styles for the SWF file, and automatically creates an HTML page to display the SWF file. With Flash Video MX, you can add special effects, movie beginning and movie end, edit frame rate and audio effect, add multi-functional control bars to the generated Flash files, and even replace the original audio with your favorite music in the output Flash.

Besides, the program is a fine Flash Video Batch Encoder for converting multiple video files at once. With Flash Video MX, professional users can control the conversion by personalizing the outlook of the control bars with the WYSIWYG editor, inserting SWF/FLV cue points to the end video and controlling the player at runtime by using the “player API”.

The Flash 8 codec is the default video codec to use when encoding FLV content for use with Flash Player 8. Using the On2 VP6 and Sorenson H.263 codecs, the program will enable professionals to encode Flash video and Adobe Flash with the following advantages: 1, Encodes higher quality video at the same data rate; 2, Supports the use of an Alpha channel to create composite video. In order to support better quality video at the same data rate, the Flash 8 codec is noticeably slower to encode, and requires more processor power on the client computer to decode and play back the video data.

Why Install Moyea Flash Video MX:

By installing Moyea Flash Video MX program, you are sure to enjoy the following functionalities:

  • Add special video effects for the generated Flash video files
  • Enjoy high conversion quality from conventional video formats to Adobe Flash
  • Add Cue Points and SWF Action scripts to trigger particular events when playing the files
  • Reset the multiple audio and video options
  • Add movie beginning and end for modify and extend the converted Flash files
  • Powerful and easy-to-use playback control bars for the SWF files
  • Complete preview function
  • Adjustable video brightness
  • Powerful watermark adding functions of logo image and text caption

Please explore the website of Moyea Software at to find out more about the video to Flash conversion program and download the free evaluation version to see the effects possible.

Pricing and Availability
Moyea Flash Video MX requires Windows XP, 2000, NT, Vista and is priced at $49.95 (US) for per-computer license. Registered customers are entitled to free and limitless minor updates and priority technical support. Discounts for volume buyers of over 5 or more are available. For more information of the product, as well as the free evaluation copy, please go to the product page of Moyea Software.

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