Seek a server-side tool to encode video to Flash?

Requirement: I need a simple server-based application to convert video to FLV/SWF.


a. Users click “Upload”, and fill a table with the necessary info like: title, description, channel, tags, and authentication, etc. After these, they are supposed to browse a video from their local computer to upload. Just like what popular sites like YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook do.

Encode video to Flash with Visual C++, PHP, ColdFusion...
Convert video to Flash 8  alpha video

Flash Video MX SDK V2

  • Generate Flash 8 alpha video.
  • Generate H.264/AAC MP4 video.
  • Support all the popular videos.
  • Picture grabber Object & FLV to SWF Object.
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b. Users should be able to watch the video (.swf file for client side). If authentication fails, message should be sent back to FLV player and notify the user. Make sure the server should reject any connections without authentication.

c. With a thumbnail ready, as used for the content of the video.

d. Automatically trim the video for a size limitation.

Solution: Flash Video MX SDK V2

Description: Server application for converting the uploaded videos in almost all formats to FLV streaming through the Internet via Adobe Flash Player, helping to build your own Video Hosting Web site.

Supported video files:

Convert AVI to FLV

Convert WMV to FLV

Convert ASF to FLV

Convert MPEG to FLV

Convert MOV to FLV

Convert MP4 to FLV

Convert 3GP to FLV

Convert VOB to FLV

Convert More to FLV

Supported programming languages:


Visual Basic






and so on… If the language COM supported, it is supported by SDK V2.

You will get a complete and creative video hosting solution for video uploading and sharing with the help below:

1. Rich documents detailing the technologies of its usage.
2. Using methods of this application which will help you in server settings and third-party calling.

Basic demonstration of the SDK V2 in converting a video to FLV/SWF:

Source video: myvideo.avi     Path: D:\Documents and Settings\yuki\Desktop

Target FLV:  myflv.flv        Path: E:\myflv.flv

Target SWF: myswf.swf Path: E:\myswf.swf

OK, start and run the application:

Type in the command: flashvideomx –s “D:\Documents and Settings\yuki\Desktop\myvideo.avi” “E:\ myflv.flv”, and press “Enter” to start the conversion.

For more details and features, please download it and see the documentations integrated in it.