Collect the most wonderful memories - how to capture the exciting moments.

1.  How to record the exciting games with DV?

No matter what kind of DV you are using, professional and non-professional, you will find it necessary to know some tips. Click the links below to get the details.

1) How to get the high quality videos

2) Tips for traveling with your video camera

2.  How to capture the exciting stuffs with your DC
Sometimes cameras are better at capturing the specific moments when used in a right way. Here is an article telling you a compilation of tips, tricks and recommended settings for the Nikon D300, and is based on various discussions in forums and other D300 sites.

Maybe your camera is different from the one above. I also have some guides on DC in general. If you are a green hand on this, you will find them useful.

3.  How to use your handset to capture pictures and videos
If you don't want to take a DV or DC, you can also record or take pictures with your handset. Many of the cell phones have a 3 megapixel camera or more, which is similar with a DC. So don't worry about whether you can get nice pictures from your mobile.
There are also thousands of brands of handsets with cameras. Let's take NOKIA N95 as an example. Here are the tips.

a. Click the capture button half-way to focus. Firmly click the button when you get the picture clear.

b.  Hold the button for at least 1 second after you hear the capture noise, or there will be motion tail or Squint left.

c.  The third point which you should notice is that you must keep the subject right in the middle of your screen.