How to add preloader for your flash?

Wish to make your Flash colorful in the coming Christmas? Flash Video MX 5 would be the best solution!

Flash Video MX 5 provides plentiful classic preloaders for your choice; what’s more, there are so many free gifts from Flash Video MX 5 to make your Christmas special!

Try the simple steps below to add preloader to your video:

1. Install and launch Flash Video MX Pro5, input the video by click, here you can do further editing to the video by the functions in the red pane, or just forget it.

2. The preloader will appear in your video only when you choose Generate Flash with the option Progressive download from a web server or Embed the video in SWF and play in timeline in this interface.


3. Click Next to this interface, on the Preloader tab, just select a preloader in the right box, and then you can preview the effect in the left window:

How to add the new free preloaders to your video?

To finish this guide, please download and install the program Flash video MX Pro 5 or Flash video MX Std 5.

Download the Preloaders by the link below, and then decompress the downloaded .zip file to JPG file and SWF file.


Click on the program shortcut. Select Properties> Find Target… and open the Preloader directory.


Just put the downloaded Flash preloaders file (JPG file and SWF file.) into this directory. Then restart the program, you will find the new Flash preloaders available in the relative sections on your program now.

Click Next to Start the conversion, after the conversion is completed, the preloader will appear in your video, congratulations!

Just enjoy them and have a great fun. If you need to customize preloaders depends on your own needs, please contact us now!