Convert Flash video to WMA

What is WMA?

Short for Windows Media Audio, a Microsoft file format for encoding digital audio files similar to MP3 though can compress files at a higher rate than MP3. WMA files, which use the ".wma" file extension, can be of any size compressed to match many different connection speeds, or bandwidths.

For more information about WMA, please check on Microsoft Windows Media page.

What is Flash Video?
Flash Video, or FLV file, is a preferred file format that is designed for web playback, offering high rates of compression to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player.
FLV cannot be played back directly but must be embedded in (or linked from) an SWF file. You can create or download a "container" SWF files from which to play the FLV file. The most common approach is to use an SWF file that functions as a media player with screen and playback controls.


If you want to generate an HTML file embedded with a player that can play the generated Flash Video or SWF. Flash Video MX Pro would be your best choice; you can do what YouTube does with this application.

How to convert Flash video to WMA for playing on Windows Media Player or MP3?

Moyea FLV Editor Pro can meet your demand with powerful functions.

Install and launch FLV Editor Pro, this is the main interface:

FLV to DVD converter

2. Add file

Drag and drop FLV from Resource Manager to the Sequence List or hit Import to load FLV files.

If free FLV Downloader is launched from Tools on Main Menu, the downloaded FLV from YouTube will appear in Downloaded FLV tab. You can drag it to the Sequence List directly.


By this function, you can combine your favorite videos or audios together to enjoy them at one time.

Choose Merge to combine the files selected into one sequence, the files you selected only exist in this sequence.

Choose Copy Merge to combine the files selected into a new sequence, the files you selected will exist both in the new sequence and in the previous sequence.

3. Export the sequence to convert.

Click Export for output. Select Export for all the sequences and select Export Selected for the selected sequence output.

After choosing the output method, the output setting window will pop up. Choose Audio WMA as the output format and specify the output path in the red pane to save the converted files.

Here you can also do further settings on the audio of the FLV files for your WMA.

Click OK to convert after conversion is finished, you can enjoy the WMA files with Windows media player or MP3 freely