Create your master pieces - how to get the most personalized videos ?

Now you get your favorite videos. How to edit them? Here I'd like to recommend you some tools and skills.

1. Windows Movie Maker for most beginners

First, let's take a look at Window Movie Maker.

As editing software, Windows Movie Maker is an easy-to-use and convenient tool for users.

Let me tell you the simple steps for editing videos:

Step 1: Capture videos from DV device:

First you must make sure that you have turned on and connected the DV device to the computer. In "Capture Video", choose "Capture from video device" to import home digital videos into the collection panel of the program.

Step 2: Edit Movie:

After importing video clips, it is time to add titles, effects, and transitions for the output whole movie.

Click "View video effects" to the interface of the effects. Choose and drag the effect you like into each clip on storyboard. Then each clip has its own visual effects. After this, click "View video transitions" and drag your favorite transition into the storyboard and put it between two video clips. This creates different transitions to join the adjacent video clips. For adding the title and credit, click "Make titles or credits" to choose where to add them. Add the text into the required box as the title or credit of the movie. At last, click "Done" to finish the process.

Step 3: Finish Movie:

Here you can preview the whole edited movie on preview panel and choose to save the movie according to different uses.

Okay, all finished. But can you edit online videos in Windows Movie Maker? You can view the following skills.

2. How to download videos from YouTube to our PC and add effects?

It is well known that the downloaded files from video-sharing websites are FLV files. So it is better to import and convert FLV into other formats like AVI and MPEG, which are acceptable with Windows Movie Maker. Now let's take FLV to Video Converter as the example to show the process.

Unlike Windows Movie Maker, which is installed automatically together with Windows Operating System, you have to download and install the program on your PC first. Open Moyea FLV to Video Converter and run the built-in tool: FLV Downloader. Then you can follow a tutorial about how to download YouTube videos. After the download, you can import the FLV files into the program and convert them into MPEG.

OK, now it is ready for the converted YouTube Videos to be edited in Windows Movie Maker.

3.  Adobe Premiere

Besides Windows Movie Maker, another editing program, Adobe Premiere, is also very popular and even more professional. If you are one of the users of Adobe Premiere, you may find it important to know how to use Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere is also the program which can not accept FLV files import. To edit the downloaded YouTube videos, I recommend you a plug-in program: FLV Importer for Adobe Premiere Pro .

More great and free Video Editors, you can refer to: