Flash Video Arrives in Adobe Acrobat 9

Adobe has released Acrobat 9. The newly released version now allows Flash Video contents, which makes it more powerful for business presentation.

Actually, the concept of using multimedia files in PDF documents is nothing new. In the previous versions of Acrobat, you are able to embed QuickTime video and other formats into a PDF file. But you need an external media player installed on your computer for playing the video. Now in Adobe Acrobat 9, video can be played “within” a PDF document with no need to have any media player installed. Thus makes it more convenience to share.

This is a challenging feature which will affect its surroundings. As we know, the similar program for business presentation, PowerPoint, now only supports video and SWF import. If you want to import an FLV file, you must convert the file to WMV, AVI, or MPEG, etc. which can be perfectly done with our product, Moyea FLV to Video Converter Pro 2.


The following passages are some notable features related to video import:

The powerful business version Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended provides more favorable features.

Deliver a compelling branded experience using PDF Portfolios

Create interactive, on-demand presentations with Adobe Presenter

Easily share video in PDF files

Share 3D designs and PDF maps


With Acrobat 9 Pro, you can insert FLV or H.264 video for direct playback in Adobe Acrobat® and Adobe Reader. New Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro even enhances Creative Suite 3.3 which is the indispensable toolkit for professional design and print production.

The Extended version provides even more powerful functions:

Easily adding audio, video, and quizzes to your PowerPoint slides and create rich, interactive presentations with Adobe Presenter (included)

Convert a variety of video formats to FLV for playback in PDF

Embed video in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and convert to FLV in PDF

Convert 3D content to PDF for cross-platform sharing and collaboration

Combine multiple CAD formats in one assembly and save as PDF with Adobe 3D Reviewer (included)

Convert 2D and 3D designs from major CAD applications to PDF for use by extended teams without expensive CAD or viewer software

Create PDF maps by importing geospatial files that retain metadata and coordinates


In a word, Adobe 9 will totally change the communication and association of electronic files.