Share these great moments - how to upload your own videos to website or blogs

Now you get the videos with your personalized effects. Let's see how to save or share your videos.

Online videos are more and more popular now. When you get your special videos of Olympic Games or memorable sight spots, why not share them with your friends online? It is very easy and with great fun.

You can add videos in two ways. The first is to upload the code directly to your server which builds your website; the second way is to add the video to your website or blog from other video sites. Still we need many programs for help.

Convert video to Flash 8 alpha video
Convert video to Flash 8  alpha video

Flash Video MX Pro

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  • DVD conversion to FLV & SWF
  • Flash 8 video encoding
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1.  Add your best videos to your website for sharing

For beginners, I think this way may be easy. You just need a tool named Flash Video MX Pro to convert your video to .flv or .swf, for upload. A guide of how to convert videos to Flash video and upload online will be helpful.


a. You can add many special effects to the video with this program.

b. The generated .swf file can be used as a flash player on your website. So you can use your own personalize control bar.

c. This video is uploaded from your own server, so you can edit or delete it any time you like.

d. There is no loss of video quality.

2. Share your favorite video on your blogs.

If you've never registered your own blog, I think you can try Google or Yahoo blogs. Just sign up a new account, write a new article, where you can insert your videos, and then upload. Alternatively, you can link your blog address directly to the famous video sites, and then you can add the video from the video sites to your blogs and websites. This is really easy.

It is easy to embed these videos from other video-sharing sites. But in all, you are using their videos. If the video is deleted from that site, you won't be able to keep it on your own site any more. And there is some loss of video quality.

In one word, the way you choose depends on your needs, since any of them has its advantages.

Okay, now you get your videos online. Don't forget to tell your website to your friends.