Easy & Pro Video to Flash Conversion with Flash Video MX Pro

What do you do when you want to upload a video to the web? Such a question I made myself a few days ago. I had some home-made family videos that I wanted to share through my social network with some relatives and friends but those videos were in a web-site incompatible format.

Fortunately, I found this powerful software capable of easily converting different video formats to Flash SWF or Flash video, keeping all the properties of the original files intact and applying a high level of compression in order to obtain optimized videos for Web broadcasting. The outcome video can easily be embedded into any web-page or shared via Internet.

Moyea Flash Video Software developers released such a powerful program, Flash Video MX Pro even enables us to convert DVD movies or videos into easily embeddable Flash videos, this remarkable feature makes of this piece of software a very handy and unique tool in its category. Thanks to its comfortable and easy-to-use interface, you will have no complications when carrying out this kind of tasks, the only thing you have to do is to specify the source video file to convert, to define a folder of destiny and you will be ready to convert.

Not Just Conversion!
Flash Video MX Pro generates .FLV (Flash) and .SWF (Adobe Flash) format files which can be highly personalized with control bars and diverse characteristics that will allow us to easily share them on line.

What is more interesting is that Flash Video MX Pro can generate movies in flash (SWF) and to embed an FLV player in HTML pages to make your video sharing easy yet professional.

Powerful Video Encoding
But if we look under the hood of this solid and efficient video converter, we can see that it comes with support for AVC/H.264, Flash 8 and Flash 8 alpha video encoding. This may seem rather complicated to understand but it is what really makes the difference: AVC/H.264 encoding brings us the possibility to enjoy of a better quality by maintaining the bit rate and a smaller file size at the same quality, thus saving a lot of precious bandwidth and taking buffer times to the minimum. Secondly, thanks to Flash 8 video encoding you will be able to produce high quality outcomes. And last but not least with Flash 8 alpha video encoding offers the ability to keep the alpha effect from the source video file in order to have video overlay and composition.

In terms of compatibility I can tell you that this program supports DVD, MPEG, AVI, MPG, WMV, RM, RMVB, MOV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, as source video formats.

Besides, the program includes a batch encoder that allows us to convert multiple files in a simultaneous way. File Batch processing is a really efficient way of making the best of the dynamic multiple-core processor of your CPU and also saving a lot of time.

Customization Is the Key to Stand Out
With Flash Video MX Pro, professionals as well as beginners will be able to control and to personalize the conversion process in many ways:

- Selecting the appearance of the skin, we are able to choose among 30 different possibilities arranged in 4 categories: Classic, Opaque, Translucent and Transparent all with full screen capabilities.
- Applying amazing mouse-moving effects and preloaders which are funny animations for you to enrich the audience's experience while the video is loading, from a user-friendly integrated WYSIWY editor.

Deeper Video Tweaking
Trimming and cropping can be performed very precisely to millisecond level, thus you can eliminate those segments which are not desired in the outcome. Also, you can add watermarks, subtitles and CuePoints, so, you can add images and text at any time, together with the remaining time and position, eventually, you can show whatever you want in the video, you can even add different events and navigations very easily with the integrated API.

Final Words
Having used Flash Video MX Pro I can tell you for sure that it is an incredible and comprehensive application which will not only satisfy the needs of someone like me who has some home-made videos to convert but also the needs of professionals who need to get the best out of their videos in order to deliver the highest quality at the smallest size. You can download Flash Video MX Pro free trial at BrotherSoft. Of course, there are a lot of features to be discovered, so download, try and tell us about your experience with this powerful converter.