Flash Video MX Pro — Convert video to Flash, FLV, HTML and JPG files for you!

The people who luckily get the Flash Video MX Pro will be interested in its powerful conversion functions. This guide will tell you how to convert general videos to Flash, FLV and so on. It is easy, just read the few steps below:

Step1. Run the Flash Video MX Pro and import the video you want to convert.

Moyea Flash Video MX Pro can convert AVI to SWF/FLV, DVD to SWF/FLV, MOV to SWF/FLV, WMV to SWF/FLV, MP4 to SWF/FLV, 3GP to SWF/FLV, MPEG to SWF/FLV, etc. So you can choose to import any video to it as you like. In the below step, you can even customize your original video by adding watermark, subtitle, special effect, trim and crop it to meet your special needs. Moreover, it allows you to add CuePoint, which provide the option to trigger event. It can show your ideas in the preset time when you want the event to happen.

video want to convert

Step2. Do settings.

Click button Next, the below interface will come to your eyes. Here, you can adjust the setting by your needs. You can check the options to generate Flash (SWF), FLV, HTML file, and JPG file, just see the options blue marked below. Apart from that, you can even add other video in the beginning and end of your original video, including replace the original audio with others you like. You can set it in the Misc section which is red marked. All these settings will make your video distinguished.

adjust video settings

Step3. Add special effect and choose player skins.

In this step, you can choose the best one in your mind from the various player skins, preloaders and special effects. All of these choices will make your video different from others, so as to make your presentation video more suitable to your demand.

special effect

Step4. Conversion.

This is the last step. After you check all the settings, you can start your conversion. Just click the button Start. The output file will pop up to you after the conversion is finished, then you will get the stunning video you want. Enjoy it.