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Flash Video MX Std helps place your videos on your personal web pages, eBay auctions, company websites or blogs with ease. In addition to converting videos to Flash (SWF) and Flash video (FLV) this program provides a Flash player with various skins, dazzling video effects, subtitling, and a large variety of video compression and audio settings.
It is enhanced by H.264 video encoding for bandwidth saving and buffer time reduction, Flash 8 video encoding for a high quality, cue points for events and navigation, video cropping and trimming for specific video dimensions and clips.
Flash Video MX Std will make it easy for you to add video to the web!

Seek a tool to convert video to Flash with Flash 8 alpha video codec?
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$59.95 | €39.95
Version: 6.0Size: 12.62 MBTrial Limitation: Watermark & NoiseSupported OS: Windows 2000/XP/ Vista

  • isabel95
    I love the application and the quality and speed of the h264 processing, as well as the ease of using the program.
    --- 2008-8-2

  • timl
    I very much liked your Flash Video MX Version. 5.0 because I could easily fit a video into that small size with the control bar over the video that would hide soon after starting.
    --- 2008-7-22

  • ruben
    FlashMX was actually the first software that did the trick, other programs didn´t feel that great while testing their demo´s and the batch functions weren´t too easy to use or contained bugs.
    --- 2008-7-14

  • jorge
    I think your product is up there with the best of its kind These are the kinds of things that make you be grateful and inspires customer loyalty in your customer base.
    --- 2008-7-1

  • tcs-inc2
    You(support person) have always been polite and helpful. Almost every other Flash encoder does not work as well as yours or has a much higher price. I am a e-person business so cost is critical. I think the design is very, very good. It is a "mature" design.
    --- 2008-6-25

  • Limelightlv
    Looks good. Functional. I like it as is, as long as there are no more flash conflicts.
    --- 2008-6-19

  • Frank
    The software itself in both cases was utilized for the compression value for fast uploads and immediate viewing without plugins. I've liked this product since the very first version that I had purchased. Keep up the good work! Thank you very much for your support and for being someone who actually stands behind their products is quite refreshing in uneasy times.
    --- 2008-6-13

  • Info
    It works well.
    --- 2008-5-30

  • thoxuanduong
    It was just by chance; I went to Google and searched for "video to Flash converter" keywords, I found and tried trial the best ones in the list I thought. Finally, I found this program most interesting, so I registered license key for this one.
    --- 2008-5-23

  • Jclo
    Broadcasting video in Flash is obviously all the rage. The program is awesome in converting these files for that use. I think this one is perfect.
    --- 2008-5-21

  • Service
    Your program is already superior to others - that is of course why I chose it.This makes it HIGHLY Unlikely that anyone will steal or link to my videos because anytime someone clicks... they go to the link I created. So, it's great for Video Security.
    --- 2008-5-20

  • Membresia
    The software is very complete, I remember trying other products but Flash MX full-fills my needs. All I can say is.. Flash Video MX v4 is great .. it has everything I need, very simple and easy to use.
    --- 2008-5-9

  • Darrell.Fulmer
    My experience with your program is that it does a good job of making the technical details available, but furnishes reasonable defaults. Price is always a factor. Whenever I am looking for a program to accomplish something, I always check for free open source programs. I have found your support to be prompt and helpful -- certainly a very desirable factor.

    I have found your program to do what I require of it, very well, at a reasonable price, and with responsive support.
    --- 2008-5-7

  • Chris
    I like this product it is niche and makes it easy to do the conversion.
    --- 2008-4-20

  • Fabrice Labrousse
    It is the easiest and best I have found. Batch conversion is very useful.
    --- 2008-4-18

  • Hugo
    Your product does the job sufficiently for me.
    --- 2008-4-16
  • Ted
    We have a website that accepts videos of different file formats. Needed a universal format for said videos, which was Flash. Your program did this for us
    --- 2008-4-10
  • Renee
    Software is outstanding! Best one I have used.
    --- 2008-4-10
  • Renee
    FVMX is pretty good. FVMX has worked well for me and the support was there when I needed it! :)
    --- 2008-4-8
  • Renee
    I chose your product because it was affordable!!
    I would like to say that I have been very happy with your product and I will be watching for new releases. Thank you for correcting the problem I had that makes for excellent customer service.
    --- 2008-03-25